Contractors Insurance Custom Built for Your Construction Business

What Is Contractor’s Insurance?

Contractors suffer from a “catch-22” of sorts: On the one hand, more jobs mean more money. On the other hand, every job comes with risk. The more jobs you have, the greater your chances that a serious or even fatal injury or damage to property can turn a financial boon into a financial loss – potentially totally overwhelming your business with the resulting financial liabilities in the form of civil awards and attorney’s fees.

Worst of all, because contractors’ businesses often grow out of one-man operations, they quickly outgrow their initial contractors’ insurance coverage, meaning that they are woefully underinsured for the types of risk they’re now exposing themselves to as a larger operation.

Every contractor’s business is different and so is contractor’s insurance. It can range from extremely basic and bare bones protection all the way up to a mix of coverages, some of which apply to certain jobs and not others.
Moorhead Insurance Agency wants you to remain focused on the business of building – not on your risk. So, our experienced agents will work with best-in-class commercial insurance solutions to help you meet the needs of your business – not someone else’s.

Tailored Protection for Contractors

Any business in the construction trades, from heavy construction and commercial property construction all the way down to home improvement and remodeling businesses need coverage specific to their industry.

Perhaps best of all, everything you do is covered even after the job is finished. This is crucial because you never know when an unhappy customer can seek satisfaction in the civil courts, costing you tens or even hundreds of thousands (or millions!) of dollars in legal fees before a judge hands them a massive award. Contractors’ insurance will even cover your building materials in transit.

Talk to one of our experienced insurance agents at Moorhead Insurance Agency today about finding the right coverage at the right price for your contractor and construction business.

What does Contractor’s Insurance Cover?

  • General Liability
  • Products
  • Property Damage
  • On-Site accidents
  • Legal Defense
  • And More
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