Business Liability Isn’t Enough For Most Businesses

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

Your business simply can’t operate without the right equipment. That might be computers, furniture, product inventory or heavy manufacturing equipment. It doesn’t matter what you need, the basic point is the same: Your business relies on property to make money. Protecting the crucial components of your business against the potentially ruinous effects of their loss is the role of commercial property insurance.

Unfortunately, all too many businesses think that commercial property insurance is for big office buildings and not the laptops and printers that might be inside them. However, especially in our increasingly digital economy, it’s those smaller pieces of commercial property that need the most protection from loss.

What does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

  • Building damage
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Interruption in Business
  • Outdoor Signs and Property
  • Fire, Theft, Vandalism, and Weather Events
  • Flood and Earthquake Coverage
  • And more

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Safeguarding Your Business Assets: Tailored Commercial Property Insurance Solutions at Moorhead Insurance Agency

Commercial property insurance can protect you from anything from a small setback to a catastrophic total loss. It doesn’t matter if you own your own building, lease office space or work from home. Commercial property insurance for businesses will protect your company’s assets wherever it is you do business.

Plans vary widely precisely because no two businesses are the same. However, a plan tailored to your business can help protect your commercial property from a building engulfing fire, a burst water pipe or even something as “small” as an outdoor sign damaged by a raging storm.

Commercial property policies don’t just cover physical losses, however. They can also cover you for temporary work stoppages resulting from damage, additional costs incurred due to updated building codes rolled out mid-construction and even inflation adjusted costs of construction for those pesky revised bills you get from your contractors.

Our experienced insurance agents at Moorhead Insurance Agency know how to craft a commercial property insurance policy for your company – no “one size fits all” approaches here. Talk to one of our agents today to find the right plan at the right place for you and your business.

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